Jumaat, Julai 2

1st WEEK At unisel

1st day im registered at unisel its n0t really fun..syesLy tired gyle...kn0w what >>i cant wearing a shawl,i cant wearing slippers..wtH !!
wh0le day n wh0le week im walking at unisel until my feet melecet..b0d0h taw
last night 0f 0riented week its called "malam siswi "HAHA..k0rg caye la..i maen tembak jea..
i pnye mul0t ta habes2 maki2..until s0me guys looked at me and geleng2 pale...HAHA
i p0n ckp la"what ??WTF means What The Fcuk"..SUDDNLY a guy fr0m Terengganu said t0 me.."F is f0r fish ke..??"AHAHAH..k0 gyle...
but thxx 4 u ganu..until n0w i d0nt maki2 lgy..i just said WHAT THE FISH..
 wh0le week yg azab i slept tyme pe0ple gve a speech..HAHA...
then i ate NASI BASI..-___-
p0or me bc0z gttng sick.."muntah2"..then i need t0 take the injecti0n..adesss...make me sleepppy 0ke..evry day my bel0ved r0omate remind me t0 eat the madicine..ARGH !!!! TANAK kawan kau bella...haha
As usual i'll scream at her..

0ne day,the sweet mem0ries f0r my ro0mate n i ...we're late wake up fr0m sleep.we sp0sed t0 wake 4 a.m
but we're wake up ar0und 7.30 am..HAHA PADAN MUKE kt0rg

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